When we moved to Texas, we were concerned about very hot and very humid days.  The weather was the big story that everyone kept speaking about with such enthusiasm.  Mentally, we were preparing ourselves for blistering heat and sweaty days.

Since we have been here in the state of Black Gold, the temperatures have been up there.  The humidity made a shower a welcome experience several times during the day.  But, lately the weather has turned to a different kind of attention-gathering.

This unexpected weather is loud.  It is very loud.  You could say without exaggerating, it is so loud that it is explosive!

Massive claps of thunder announce the arrival of cloud bursts.  This is not a land where drizzle is the way of precipitation.  Nope, here in Texas where everything is BIG, the thunderstorms are enormous.

Off in the distance you get a visual warning.  The billowing clouds block out the sun, move across the sky like an amoeba.  Big clumps of water pepper your car like it’s a huge drum being played in a parade.

Lightening flashes and sizzles in the sky.  We run into our home and almost huddle as the windows shake under the rumbling in the sky.  Our backyard patio fills with water and the plants dance under the constant rat-a-tat-tat of the falling rain.

Capturing it in a picture is tough.  Everything seems so mild in a photo.  Yet, as I gazed out our back door the rains drenched the world and let every human know that there is a God far bigger than anything that man can do.

Knowing that our Almighty is a benevolent deity with grace and love in His heart for us is a boon.  That safety while sensing His awesome power is a keen balance to preserve.  Worship and adore Him but with reverence and respect.

Watching the rain pelt the puddles with violent attack reminds me of the Disney cartoons when music was set to the storms and antics of nature.  I can see the wizard’s apprentice in my memory’s eye.  There is the orchestra in the background rhythmically sounding out the symphony.

From movement to movement as the storm marches past and the earth absorbs the pounding, I gaze skyward and acknowledge that He is great and awesome.  Birds have disappeared from the skies.  Dragonflies have paused in their feast while gorging on mosquitos.  Rain in Texas is big and all creatures of the earth pause.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography