It’s business, right?  The pursuit of a profit, money, is the objective of business, correct?  So, is there any room for God in business?

Or do these principles miss the picture completely?  Those who use these sound bites to be dismissive of spiritual accountability, are trying to do just that.  They do not want to acknowledge that God is in everything.

We humans cannot be selective of where we want God to be present or absent in areas of our life.  Some say that they will talk about anything except politics or religion.  That is bogus.

Others say that religion is personal.  They will not divulge nor be inclusive about their spiritual pursuits.  That is a falsehood as well.

God is everywhere.  He is all-powerful.  Furthermore, He is all-knowing.

These are logical observations as well as Biblical ones.  If He is God then, He is all of these things.  How can a mere mortal set the limits on a limitless God?

That is fantasy at best.  At worst it is the height of arrogance.  Man cannot escape or limit God.

Wisely, those who make their living in business realize that God can and will bless their efforts to be successful in business.  When people who trust God in all that they do, they experience and realize the involvement of the Divine in all that they do.  They don’t test the waters but burn any bridge to self-dependence.

Then, there is the quiet method compared to the open style.  Some trust God for His blessings in business but keep it on the down low.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  God blesses both behind-the-scenes as well as openly spectacular.

God is sovereign and chooses His method of expression.  Rarely does He give out His blessings following the same demonstration of personal trust.  That prevents people from trusting a formula rather than a personal relationship with Him.

One company here in Texas makes it a statement of their massive retail presence.  It’s on the wall in big letters.  Once you exit their monstrous store, the large font displays their faith.

I had to pause and marvel.  That is not a common declaration.  There are no flashing lights.

If you walk with your head down you will miss it.  It’s high on the wall.  Faith does that.  It always makes you look up.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography