Work was great.  The thrill of exploring the physical plant that will be my home for years to come was gratifying.  Learning where supplies could be found, how communications take place, who is responsible for what advances, tensions that distract us from our primary initiative and the advances that have been made in recent days.

I met people, had moments where I listened to the concerns of those feeling the pressure of their work, engaged students who swung by to make headway on their research.  There’s a mark board in my office.  Now, it is covered with notes to myself of projects that need attention.

There’s a list of items that I left for my next day.  I practiced good discipline and left work at work.  Now, it was time to pick up my bride and take her out to dinner.

Neither of us was very hungry.  Something simple made sense to us.  Light fare was common in both of  our minds.

To keep our budget under control we headed for Vietnamese food.  We had run some errands together and now we felt the pangs of our late dinner calling us.  Houston is still a maze to us, so we were risking getting lost or ending where we shouldn’t be.

But, a simple prayer and an alertness to our surroundings was sufficient.  I didn’t remember the exact location of the eatery that we had in mind.  The street was clear in my mind and part of the name of the business was also clear to me.

We made our way down the boulevard with the right name.  No restaurant came into view that matched the pieces from my vague memory.  We turned around to retrace our steps.

That’s when my bride announced, “There it is!”  It was a fun discovery.  After we had given up hope, there was our shot in the dark choice for food.

Inside the restaurant, we were the only patrons.  The restaurant was casual, clean and the family who ran it were very cheerful and hospitable.  The daughter served as the waitress, the father and mother were in the kitchen cooking and the two brothers were playing video games .

We chose our food and kept it simple.  It was the perfect light meal that we hoped to order.  Furthermore, the prices were very friendly to our budget.

Most important, the food was delcious.  Everything was fresh and generous.  We will be back!

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography