The familiar tune of the Olympics plays powerfully in the background.  Images of the nations and their finest athletes fill the TV screen.  Announcers direct our attention to the next spectacular event.

It’s that once-every-four-years sporting extravaganza.  National pride pulls our attention to Team USA.  It doesn’t matter what the sport but the red, white and blue has its natural appeal.

Winning a competition in a field where the world’s best practice their skills is exhilarating.  When the starting horn blows and the competitors are off their mark, history is being made.  Sometimes even historic moments are recorded.

The Olympic pool was filled with record-breaking events.  Some times it was the USA.  Other times it was another nation besting the field.  Each time it was exciting.

Gymnastics was the balance of power, skill, endurance and precision.  How can humans fly around like that and land without getting hurt?  My back ached just watching these athletes perform.

The world plays badminton seriously and the Olympic stage showcases this global interest.  When that shuttlecock whizzes back and forth with precise placement, the most skilled athletes are stunning.  Reaction and strategy blend into split second timing.

Water polo is a sport I have never tried.  The underwater camera showing the battle below the surface proves that I would have drowned if I had ever attempted to slip into that water world of combat.  Team USA boldly enters into the fray.

Table tennis is a flurry of style and athleticism.  It is speed on a small table.  Aggressors give photographers a chance to capture blurred movement in graceful arches.

Archery and shooting amaze me.  Competitors slowly reduce their heart rate for smooth releases and trigger squeezing.  There it is about training the body to relax instead of pumping out the adrenalin.

Equestrian events are about humans discovering their counterparts in animal athletes.  The horse does all of the work and the rider earns the medal.  OK, that’s a bit of a overstatment, but it is a unique sport of balance between man and beast.

Soccer wins the world’s attention on the massive pitch.  Moving beyond nil on the scoreboard is always a positive step toward the medal round.  Players work so hard and as long as spectators concentrate on the play, those rare goals are worth the rousing explosion of cheering that inevitably erupt.

They Olympics, what great sport.  What a favorite time for the world.  It is a fortnight of historic memories.