My bride and I are new to town.  We have been here for a month and are still trying to find our way around, locate stores and get our bearings straight.  There are more things that need to be done than there are things that have been done.

Scheduling all of the necessities just takes time.  The calendar manages those.  Availability of vendors is another.

But, the spirit of adventure sometimes loses the energy needed to keep pushing forward.  That’s when something special reenergizes the human soul.  It’s called hospitality.

A local pastor sent me an invitation.  He and a number of other pastors wanted to take the two of us out to dinner.  It was a welcome to Houston meal.

This would be our second hospitality dinner from locals.  David and Rachel got to us first.  We were blessed.

The pastor sent us the directions and we confirmed the day.  He even suggested a preliminary menu selection for us.  I was getting hungry.

We had heard that so much of Houston was dominated by Taiwanese cuisine.  That is new to us.  During our San Francisco forays into local offerings, we were introduced to food with that distinctive flavor and presentation. 

Our familiar foods are Cantonese.  There the flavors, aromas and dishes are favorites from childhood days.  Comfort emerges from what I remember as a youngster.

The pastors did a little research.  They read my blogs and determined to introduce us to a Cantonese restaurant.  We were looking forward to our meal with them.

When we were seated, the introductions crowded the waiter’s time.  He was waiting to take our order even while we kept standing to talk with one another.  The fellowship was excellent.

Even in the middle of conversation the food was delivered.  Perfect food choices with the right eye appeal that was as spectacular as the aromas wafting around our table for ten.  It was easy to let the eye take in the presentation before the taste buds had a chance to send happy signals to the brain.

One of the first dishes was a delicately fried fish.  It was shaped to cradle a wonderful medley of vegetables and seafood.  No doubt, it tasted even better than it looked. 

The  entire evening came to an end.  But, the friendships that were forged that night are destined to be the beginning of a lifetime of friendships.  We intend to impact eternity together.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography