We were ecstatic to receive the news from our realtors that a closing appointment had been rescheduled.  It was a minor miracle after all of the delays.  So many on our team were working tirelessly to make this event happen.

Our realtors were the directors of this episode.  They are a family of three.  Each member has their expertise in the real estate scheme. 

One does the initial contact and sets up the plan.  Another does the showings.  Then, another runs the paperwork down.

Together the last two also oversea the gathering of people needed to close the deal.  We had loan officers, loan assistants, mortgage lenders, legal beagles, notaries and bankers.  Everyone was a consummate professional.

But, minor players in far away places had to be a part of the picture too.  Some were just messengers.  They told the powers-that-be when a document was needed.  Only one missing document kept us in the dark.

Amazingly, that solitary document gummed up the entire process.  The request had been made several times over as many weeks but there was no response.  This missing document brought the entire process to a halt.

We prayed and then far away good friends jumped in and helped.  They made sure that the document would be tracked down, signed and sent to our team in Texas.  Before we could submit the materials to underwriters, our entire file needed to be complete.

One tardy document meant days of delay and expense.  Unfortunately, by the time that simple fax was received the underwriters did not have enough time to complete their work.  We missed our closing date.  Everyone groaned!

Also, as a result of the delay, several other documents were timed out and had to be redone.  We were worn out.  One simple document took the wind out of all of our sails.

Then, deadlines forced our team to redo another document then another.  The weekend played havoc on the bankers.  They promised to get their procedures in line but were thrown off by the time schedule.

We had to book ourselves into a hotel for a third extension.  The rates went up so we had to relocate to another hotel.  Moving to temporary quarters meant that we had to re-pack suitcases, all because of one missing document.

Sometimes it is the big thing that stops progress.  At other times it is the little thing that impedes progress.  Careful attention to details by our  entire team and the extra effort by far-away good friends made the difference so that we could finally close and enter into our new home.  Ah!

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography