Can you concentrate and tie a lot of fragments together when they are thrown at you in rapid succession?  Are you able to recall story lines from the past, conjure them up swiftly and connect them to the exploding story on the silver screen?  Don’t ask questions, just process and pick up your pace.

Jason Bourne was just a glimpse into the seedy side of the Feds.  They have secrets from each other, pouring resources and manipulating people’s lives for their own projects.  Black ops is a kind name for their despicable deeds.

Number 5 is in perpetual training to do the dirty work for power-mad bureaucrats.  When there is a threat to their culpability, they pull the plug on their misdeeds and hide the evidence at all costs.  That cost is high with a price tag of human lives, American lives.

The best of the deviants can’t control all circumstances.  #5 escapes through uncanny ingenuity and the life of a natural predator dies so that our hero can live, at least for a little longer.  Enough blood and guts cry for a rescue and she comes.

Circumstances drive this agent and the life of his examining doctor into a path of flight and desperation.  Matching training and wits against a massive machine, this elusive pair escapes around the world in order to find a medical relief in Manila.  They are discovered, chased down and surrounded.

Layer on top of the crazy medically enhanced assassins is the LARX program.  The bad guys activate LARX #3.  He enters Manila on the run to execute the two heroes.

The chase is on.  Running, driving, hopping on roof tops there is a collision course that leaves a myriad of local police in the wake of professional killers.  Hold on to your seats because the pursuit is just warming up.

Right when you think that there is nothing new to add to high-speed running around a motorcycle scene takes over.  It is amazing to watch this action sequence.  Real riders will appreciate the intricacies and stunts.

There are plenty of moments for “Whoa’s” “Sick” and “Yah’s!” during this lightning fast episode.  Tight turns and crazy hurdles amaze the mind.  This is just plain action packed excitement.

Dr. Shearing is amazing.  Bright and innocent, she fights out of her trauma.  Threats demand that she fight back and she does fabulously from the pinion. 

I liked it. 

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography