Our adventure took us into a local discount store.  There are treasures to be found and the price is very appealing.  Not too much lends itself to quantity here, but one-off or unique items abound.

It is as much a discovery time as it is a bargain time.  Most of the stuff is newish.  That means it is new but manhandled quite a bit.

Customers pull an items out for inspection and then toss it any where that is convenient.  Then, a clerk follows them and folds or hangs the item up for the next treasure seeker.  It is almost comical.

This time it was a unique experience.  From the time I entered the store my eyes caught a glimpse of something that made me focus.  It was a picture.

This piece of decoration was located along the back wall.  Yes, from the front of the store to the back of the store I locked into something that grabbed my curiosity.  Without being rude or in a hurry, I walked toward my target.

There was something about that picture that had my imagination.  Aesthetically, I liked what I saw. It wasn’t gaudy or overdone.

Instead, there was a balance in the picture.  Colors were basic and yet highlighted to give it dimension and texture.  It wasn’t symmetrical yet, not awkward.

The subject of this art piece was a zebra.  It wasn’t a photograph.  There is probably a name for this kind of art but I am not privy to its identification.

Simply, I just liked the picture.  It was large, perhaps nearly four feet tall and three feet wide.  No frame was needed, just the canvas wrapped around a simple interior wood frame.

Zebra stripes wove up and down and graduated back to the hindquarters.  That horse like face was only partially in the foreground.  But, one eye made a connection with any who would glance in its direction.

Carefully, I lifted it out of its bin and set it on a shelf so that I could admire it.  I was tempted to consider buying it but we have no wall space for it.  There wasn’t any extra coins to spend on decorations when so much else on our necessity list preceded it for attention.

But, my trusty cellphone camera would have to be satisfying for the moment.  Isn’t it a cool picture?  Very cool zebra.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography