Planning for this welcoming day of new student orientation was a big deal.  Everyone on our staff was focused on this gathering.  Leading up to this event each of our staff and many of our faculty had their individual responsibilities.

In the conversations preceding this day, I could tell that there was a building excitement among our team.  All of the preparations were being handled well.  We double-checked all of our responsibilities and everything was as it should be.

I like looking into the eyes of our staff and seeing a brightness that can never be answered by human terms.  This deep satisfaction in our duties and the joy of anticipation are elements of an es spirit de corps that must be treasured when it appears simply because we don’t always know how to generate it again.

The night before our new seminary students arrived on campus for their orientation, I had a nervous night’s fitful sleep.  I tossed and turned.  Each part of my roles I rehearsed in my head. 

My alarm clock did its job but was unnecessary.  I was waiting for it to ring just so that I could finally turn it off and get my day started.  Do you remember being that eager from something?

When I arrived on campus, the parking lot was already getting full.  The foyer of our campus was buzzing with activity.  I could feel the excitement.

Besides New Student Orientation we had three classes in session.  Our tiny facility has only three classrooms.  If you add Orientation and 3 classrooms you probably assessed that we had space issues. 

Our neighboring College of Biblical Studies graciously opened up a classroom for our use.  Still professors, students and administrators were scurrying around making sure that they were heading in the right direction.  Oh, did I mention that one of the three classes was being taught in Mandarin and those students were seeking directions but the multi-linguists were in short supply?

Smiles and calm spirits prevailed.  Problems for parking were growing.  Every spot in our lot was filled.  Cars were spilling out into the street to park.  These challenges all fall into the category of “Good Problems.”

What I will always remember about this day are the lives of our new students.  Their stories of why they came and how they came moved me deeply.  God has left His indelible mark of grace in each of their lives and given us the privilege to be a part of fulfilling their calling to serve the Almighty. 

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography