There was a combination of explosions, gun fire, collisions, fight scenes, mayhem and more.  Expendables 2 was not a disappointment.  Rather it was a fulfillment.

If you want an action show with some funny lines, then this is your “fix”.  I grew up with these action stars.  Now that they are in their golden years, they still have it and can kick the proverbial hind end of the bad guys.

High tech wasn’t as important as the muscle man making a mad dash with his back covered by his buddies.  Camaraderie was key and there was only one lone wolf on the good side.  Even he left his isolation and joined the pack.

Bulging biceps, powerful pectorals and glowing glutes were the stunts of these mega stars.  Each time they rescued whoever needed to be rescued.  They buried the bad guys along the way.

Revenge even came into play.  Ok, it was justice served.  I’ll go with that.

If you get a chance to watch this exhilarating movie try it in the theater that has extra sensory experience.  The walls vibrated and the chairs moved with the g-force of explosions.  At least it felt that way.

When ruthless evil forces waste human life for their own financial gain, it’s time for the expendable mercenaries to wreak havoc on them.  While saving the world from weapons grade plutonium falling into the hands of the wrong people, the bad guys get their justice served to them with extreme bravado.

Yeah, I’m a Rocky Rambo enthusiast.  Martial arts films have frequented my entertainment list.  Action movies are usually my fallback selection when looking for a DVD to fill up a vacant spot on my schedule. 

Guys like me have wrestled on the mat, smiled in the field when the scent of freshly fired gunpowder has punched a perfectly placed hole in the middle of a target, raised an eyebrow of satisfaction when an arrow has pierced the bull’s eye of a target 45 yards away or used firecrackers to blow up an imaginary enemy missile site deep in the territory of the enemy.  There is a longing for a release of pent-up energy in a fast paced adventure like this.  There was even a plot to this film and a touching ending that made perfect sense from the heart of guys who believe in honor, brotherhood and courage.  Yup, go see it if you need an adventure.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography