Those who have given their lives to answer God’s call to ministry share a lot in common.  They do what they do for the glory of God, not pursuing selfish ambition or personal acknowledgement.  In fact those whom God has called focus their heart on the welfare of others.

The Apostle Paul was well aware of his own passion for others.  When he discovered that Titus had that same burden for the believers at Corinth, he commended him, recruited him and partnered with him for the benefit of the believers in that strategic Greek city.

Titus also gave Paul encouragement with his own enthusiasm.  Initiative is not an easy virtue to instill in someone else.  When God brings along someone who is a self-starter, it is a blessing to partner with them.

Furthermore, when someone has the acclamation of others in the church it is worthy of note.  When that same person is praised by a multiple number of churches, then pay very careful attention to God’s hand on that believer.  Trust with finances and seeking credit exclusively for the Lord are amazing virtues. 

When a saint has human adoration and personal achievement and is content with anonymity, then spiritual credentials are complete.  Humility at that level is unmatched.  Servants who are trusted to that level are commendable in the pages of Inspired Scripture.

Paul found not only one modest super star to call a co-laborer but two.  This unnamed brother has proven to be full of enthusiasm.  Furthermore, he is thrilled to be joining the team charged with delivering the financial gift.  He is thrilled to be serving the believers in Corinth.

This spiritual team has every intention of protecting the integrity of their mission.  They don’t want anyone to even give a thought to the honesty of their handling of the money.  Others have entrusted this valuable gift into their charge for a safe delivery and Paul has made every effort to assuage any of their fears.

Titus joins this trio of aides that Paul calls companions.   Together the three will serve the Lord and the believers of Corinth well.  Paul asks the saints in the church to demonstrate their love for them when they arrive.  The meeting of these two groups will be a celebration of joy and be an encouragement for the church to experience it.

2 corinthians 8.16-24