My work day started early.  A morning breakfast meeting was first on my calendar.  Time flew by quickly and our interaction was productive.

Next, a longer than usual commute to my office was a result of heavy traffic.  A lot of people sure seem to be going in the same direction when it comes to where our work is located.

Meetings filled in the empty slots.  I love to have one on one meetings with my direct reports.  Early on I need to know what my team is doing, how I can help and what needs to happen to keep my team happy and productive.

For my lunch hour I had an outside guest come in.  He is directing another seminary extension in Houston and I wanted to make a friendly gesture of goodwill.  We had a helpful meeting.

The rest of the afternoon was occupied by meetings, discoveries, conversations, correspondence, planning and projections.  A number of problems were solved.  People got directed in the right classroom, connected with the right schedule and sorted out so that their assignments didn’t look nearly as foreboding as they once thought.

Now, it was eleven hours on the clock.  It was time to head home.  Students were now tucked into their classrooms.  Faculty, both resident and visiting were firing away with all cylinders. 

I paused long enough to smile.  Education and training was happening here in at an eternal level.  What these students were learning would change their lives forever and touch the lives of the people that they served for eternity. 

With my backpack full, I stepped out of our building and made my way to my vehicle.  That’s when I noticed how full our seminary was that night.

When I was in the middle of our parking lot, I noticed that the lot was full.  In fact every slot was taken up by a vehicle.  Both sides of the street were lined with cars as well.  

Everyone could tell that something was happening here.  Activity and the fullness of the classrooms and parking lot are symptoms of a busy night of ministry.  Glancing at the setting sun, I smiled at the God that I served and thanked Him for the privilege of serving in this amazing institution. 

He started this work and He energizes the work.  Furthermore, He is growing it so that it is as full.  Full is a very good place to be.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography