Houston is famous for its hot and humid summer days.  Unofficially, some have called our fair city the most air-conditioned city in the nation.  I’m sure that those in the energy business smile when they hear the jingle that comes from that reaction.

We people are funny about our penchant to complain about the weather, no matter where we are.  Some times we whine about how much our weather is rainy. Other times it is too cold. 

What surpasses the whining is the creativity of the human spirit that the Almighty undoubtedly instilled in humanity.  It is something like “when the going gets tough, the tough get going.”  Or when we have been given lemons, we make lemon aid.

So, when we lived in cold frigid weather, we learn to love our down coats.  Arctic boots with snow shoes made it fun.   Snowy weather wasn’t a reason to hold up inside but an invitation for a hike through the glistening stunning quiet woods.

Now, while living in the very hot south, our creative juices are buzzing again.  The early morning calls for outdoor activities before the temperatures climb into the uncomfortable range.  Humidity rises as the daylight hours advance, so the moments just after dawn are inviting.

Once the red zone captures the thermometer, it is time to find ways to cool off.  One of our favorites is a family business that is a short distance away from our home. They are a friendly bunch.

Together they have started a business out of a trailer.  Decked out on in happy bright colors to attract some attention, they have flags along the street to lure in business.  I noticed the flags right off.

The pennants fluttered in the hot air advertizing shaved ice.  Memories from our Hawaii days made us pull into the parking lot.  Shaved ice is nothing like a snow cone.

This cold refreshing treat is fluffy, soft and cradles that flavor of our your choice so that your entire body absorbs the chilling effect.  It reminds me of falling backwards into a freshly fallen snow cover to make snow angels in the ground.  Only this experience cools the palate and welcome you to keep on ingesting the snack, defying the unwelcome uncomfortable temperatures.

One of my favorite flavors is root beer.  The flavor and the sensation of shaved ice melting in my mouth is soothing.  Too hot to be comfortable?  Try a shaved ice for creative relief.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography