The sun makes the day appear just before 7AM during this time of year.  I can feel my Texan corpuscles adjusting my body clock with learned motivations.  If I wait too long it will be too hot to schedule my outdoor ride for the day.

Bouncing out of bed is easy.  I put on my riding shoes, grab my cellphone and climb aboard my ride.  My Fuji CCR is my bicycle of choice.

It’s a road bike and hungers for the ribbons of asphalt to pass under its wheels.  Rolling off of my driveway, I slip my push-off foot into the pedal cage and began the countless revolutions that will take me through our beautiful neighborhood.  Long shadows of the dawn are splendid picturesque highlights of the morning vistas.  I love a morning ride in our Texas neighborhood. 

The boulevard that will be my track for the day is not very busy.  Cars easily can pass me safely or take the inside lane.  Their 35 mph limit keeps the flow of traffic moving along without much sluggishness due to slower moving man-powered machines.

Down the middle of the street is a lush grass-covered median.  Our neighborhood maintenance crew keeps it mowed and looking sharp.  Just as well-maintained are the trees that are pruned and growing with enthusiasm.

Sunrays splash through the tree limbs.  Designers artistically curve the road to give the ride character and panache.  Bicyclers love this kind of environment to be featured on any of their rides.

Half way into my journey, I juice up my pace.  Cardio vascular goals dance through my mind.  My lungs are starting to sound like past pumping pistons in a high performance car.

Then, a lady rider on a clunker of bicycle passes me with ease.  She is pushing her pedals leaving me with the distinct message that she is faster than me.  I smile and let her enjoy her moment.

She turns off to her destination.  I still have miles to go.  My pace is perfect for my purposes.

Ahead I see one of our neighborhood ponds glistening in the morning sun.  An egret, snowy white is standing in the shallow water, hunting for its breakfast.  It tenses when it suddenly realizes that I have surprised its stealthy morning search but relaxes as I slip by quietly.

I drive this road often in a gas-powered vehicle.  But, I miss so many of the details at that speed.  Here, I take it all in and feel the health of a good work out adding more time to live life on this created earth.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography