Busy is a word that describes my new life in Texas.  Don’t make the mistake, however, of assuming that busy is a synonym for “bad”.  In fact I can’t imagine being happier!

However, my daily schedule is amazingly full.  The routine on my calendar has very few gaps in it.  I love doing it all.

In the middle of this hectic schedule was another event, an appointment for my post that I was required to attend.  The faculty of Dallas Seminary gathers for an annual workshop at a Christian camping and conference center near Tyler, TX.  It is called Pine Cove.

I joined a collection of over 80 faculty from DTS as we prepared our hearts and souls for the beginning of a new school year.  It was time to get pumped up, encouraged and excited to meet our students for another installment in their preparation to answer God’s call to His service.  As one of the three new faculty, I was ecstatic to meet new friends and colleagues.

We had to be creative as we engaged one another for conversations.  The program was packed with meetings.  I learned early that this gathering was not called a “retreat” but a “workshop”.

From the moment we arrived we were in meetings.  Presentations of the most intricate kind were our normal fare.  The brain power that was in the room was stunning.

To be a part of those discussions was fascinating.  But, we had to stay sharp.  Topics changed from session to session. 

Listening to others contribute to the topic at hand was intriguing.  It was my introductions to the challenges facing the seminary and the creativity of my colleagues as we charge forward to make seminary education the best that it can be.   My mind was spinning with the new ideas, options and adjustments that lay in front of us.

But, there were breaks during the two days that we were together.  One time I sat on a bench on a deck overlooking a lake.  The beauty of that scene was mesmerizing.

Do you remember one of those moments?  All of your being was embroiled in intellectual and spiritual issues.  Then, for a moment everything paused. 

You drank in your environment.  It gave you peace.  That’s what it was like for me in that place at that time for just a moment.

God’s hand of creation engulfed me.  I was refreshed.  Someone called my name and I returned to the next meeting, eager to go at it again.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography