My office is getting more completed every day.  Furniture, books and equipment have mostly taken their permanent places.  Occasionally, when I need a break from the brain strain, I’ll fix, move or adjust something in my office.

One of the pieces that was frustrating was the clock.  It was in my office when I arrived.  The problem was not appearance, although it was not a spectacular looking time piece.

A twelve-inch wall clock is fine for the size office that it was in.  At the same time, there was no aesthetic design or appearance that made it unique.  It was purely a functional piece of equipment.

Maybe its simple purpose made it emphatic that it was an annoying piece in my office.   It didn’t keep accurate time.  Usually it was falling behind by 12 minutes each day.

Twice I replaced the battery with a fresh one.  Momentarily, that is for a few hours, it would then be accurate.  But, by the middle of my jam-packed schedule, it would fail me.

Purposely, I tried to ignore the clock and take my signals for my appointments with my wrist watch.  But, there is something commanding about a wall clock.  inadvertently, I would glance up and gauge my departure based on what I saw. 

More than once I would push my current project up to the moment that I had to bolt for my next engagement.  Providentially, my body clock alerted me.  I would double-check my watch, gasped in horror, close my computer, grab my phone, thrust my keys in my pocket and head out of my office.

That kind of last-minute stressful moment is not my favorite.  In fact I like to avoid those unscheduled disappointments.  When my tardiness inconveniences someone else, it is being disrespectful in my mind.  There is not excuse for disregarding someone’s time because my late arrival.

A solution had to be generated.  It wasn’t hard.  I stopped at a local variety store and found my way to the section where clocks were being sold. 

Some of the clocks were the same size as the one that I was ready to replace.  But, I opted for something different.  I chose an 18 inch clock to replace the malfunctioning machine. 

I passed on the artsy clocks.  Nothing in the unique clocks fit my personality.  This was purely professional and functional.

My new time piece has served me flawlessly.  The old clock is in the garbage.  It will never make anyone late again.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography