“Any reason for a party” is a good motto for life.  It is human to celebrate, isn’t it?  There is something about anthropology that suggests that our very existence calls for jubilation.

The three of us entered Papadeaux’s for a night of commemorating Rick’s birthday.  Our cheerful greeter asked with a beaming smile, “How many?”  In responsive cadence, “Three.”

That’s when the fun began.  Pointing to Rick with my thumb, “Do you do anything special for birthday boys?”   A simple innocent inquiry had him aghast.

“Bruce, don’t. Don’t. Don’t,” he was gasping for words.  Too late, she smiled with equal mischievousness, “Oh, it’s his birthday.”  I liked the sound of her brain cells purring.

Once seated we presented our birthday boy with his gift.  It was funny how he carefully pulled out each part of the gift bag like it was a bomb.  He unwrapped a corner and peaked inside, chuckled and put it back in the bag.

We had fun putting it together.  Now he can eat ethnically, practice his dexterity at every meal and sip his evening beverage.  Of course he can have dessert and push around a wild animal all at the same time.

Our evening had so much laughter.  We reminisced over friends, tracked our spiritual pilgrimage, rehearsed the blessings from the lives of our children and detailed our journey in our local church worship experiences.  It was just three great friends out for a great evening.

The food was spectacular.  It looked great but tasted even better.  To top off the evening we enjoyed an amazing array of desserts.

That splendid part of the evening fare was accompanied with a gathering of the restaurant staff.  They presented Rick with a candle-lit dessert.  Then with the enthusiasm that attracted the attention of then entire gathering of guests, they sang. 

It was a fun song about something to do with birthdays.  My bride and I laughed.  Rick blushed as red as the Cajun food peppers that we had eaten. 

Happy Birthday, Rick!  You are a true friend and an amazing blessing even though you are a Baylor alum.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photo