We often do a working lunch.  Picking a fun place to press our ideas and talk through others deepens our relationship and solidifies our trust.  It also teaches us so much about the perspective held by one another.

We were being too polite with each other, “You pick.” “No, you pick.” “I’ll go anywhere.”  After that servant-hearted exchange we headed for Cajun Cuisine.  Yes, you heard it correctly, it was time for some spicy fare.

I had no idea what I wanted to order.  There are perhaps two or three times in my lifetime that I have had this style of food.  All I know is that it is often seafood and the meal is kickin’ good.

Those vague memories of the past served me well.  Looking at the menu did not help me so I asked the waitress for her recommendations.  She looked at me with discerning eyes, asked a few questions and then clearly, definitively and certainly suggested an oyster poor boy and cup of jambalaya. 

We were lost into our business of the day.  Ideas flowed from our three lives.  Quickly and definitively we were laying out pursuits for our near future institutional developments. 

I tracked with my fellow brain trusts and gleaned their perspectives and great ideas.  I jotted them down in my notes app on my phone.  It was a very productive meeting.

Then, the food came.  I could not believe my nose.  The oyster poor boy was mouth-watering good. 

As if that sandwich wasn’t good enough, the jambalaya was stunning.  My first taste sent shock waves over my taste buds.  That’ll wake you up any time during the day.

Houston is not only a massively large city, it is cosmopolitan in its table fare.  Living in the variety that is here is a treat.  It always makes for deepening friendships more efficient.

It is a spiritual virtue to enjoy a meal with friends.  Even more it is a treat to make friends through a meal.  There are so many lives already that are intertwining with ours.

But, back to the kickin’ food.  I was so into what I ordered I didn’t even notice what my colleagues had ordered.  But, I did make a mental note to tell my bride about my meal in a text.  She wrote back and told me that she was having crackers and cheese.  Gotta get her to come with me to this kickin’ place.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography