Once we decide on how much to give to the Lord’s work, we should stick to our plan.  The giving must, however, be done with a cheerful attitude.  God doesn’t need our money but He loves a giver who does so with gladness in his giving.

When we participate in giving, God underwrites all of our needs.  Giving according to His principles paves the way for His grace to abound.  We must be careful to note that He promises to take care of our “need” not our “want”. 

Mixed in with our needs being met we will also experience the great satisfaction of our efforts giving us great satisfaction.  What we do will bear fruit, be effective and have lasting value.  God is generous with those who express their spirituality with generosity. 

Those who will benefit from His generosity are those who are poor in this world.  When they give out of their poverty, God will bless them.  This is divine righteousness demonstrating itself with eternal impact.

All of the essentials for life are provided by God.  What is needed for sustenance will be supplied by God.  Miraculously He will also increase those stores in a mysterious unexplainable manner. 

Those who learn this spiritual mystery understand that the key is generosity.  If we show it in His name, He will return to us in kind.  None of us can out give God.

When we participate in caring for the needs of others, our generosity will not end with the gift.  Rather, those who are the recipients of our goodness will express their gratitude to God in quantity beyond the gift itself.

Desperate people are asking God to provide for their needs.  In many ways we who have been blessed with resources are God’s answer to their prayers.  When we give generously, we are participating in His provision for others.  That produces praise and thanksgiving from recipients to God.

Giving is an expression of obedience consistent with the gospel of Christ making a change in our lives.  It is about sharing what He has given us to be good stewards.  An additional blessing is the winning of the prayers of those who have benefitted from the gifts. 

God gives the ability to give, provides the resources to give, directs us to those who need us to share, then He rewards us with prayers and more resources.  He is truly generous.  Give generously and watch Him bless you generously.

2 corinthians 9.6-14