Oh, if we could only control the weather.  Our lives would be so much more under control if we could schedule the seasonal storms.  Or maybe if we could just predict the weather with long-range precision we could easily avoid scheduling delicate plans like plane flights so that delays are non-existent or cancellations are moments of remember ancient history.

We schedule classes to be taught by visiting professors on a weekly basis.  As an extension campus we can only finish populating our curriculum with teachers from our main campus 200 miles to the North.  That calls for a juggling act of enormous proportions.

But the weather doesn’t always cooperate.  In Texas the inclement storms are big.  It is the same story no matter where in our country or in the world I have lived, everyone in every culture complain about the weather.

I was in my office creating plans for the next administrative move on our fledgling program here in the great city of Houston.  There was someone standing in my office door opening.  When I looked up, one of our staff members calmly mentioned that some of our visiting professors were going to be late for class.

That’s when I sat back and recalled the thunderous noise of cascading rain, rumbling thunder and massive flashes of lightning that had deluged our city just hours before.  “Rats! Planes will be delayed with this massive storm.  No wonder those visiting professors would be delayed.”

This was one of those moments for a short prayer, “God, please watch over the safe arrival of our traveling faculty and students.  See them all safely here and safely home.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

Rising from my desk I roamed our halls intending to sooth annoyed students.  After all they have sacrificed to be here, rushed through traffic from work, chosen to devote hours of their life to prepare for the work that God has given them to do.  My mind and heart were ready to take on the brunt of any complaints, listen to frustrations and apologize for the inconveniences.

To my pleasant surprise our students were cheerful.  They were understanding.  No one was complaining.  Whining was non-existent.

Instead, we laughed, joked and teased.  Students expressed their assurance that they were looking forward to hearing what their profs had to teach them.  Eventually the profs all came and the students were eager to soak up all that they could learn.  We have the best students! 

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography