Those of us who lead will inevitably face difficult moments when we must confront others who have done wrong.  That unpleasant situation is magnified when we are the victims of their misconduct or abuse.  It is even further compounded when others conspire against us in numbers, coordinate their attack with others and mount a justification before we are even aware of their treachery.

Two qualities helped the Apostle Paul face the horrific task of facing those who were his critics.  One was “meekness” and the other was “gentleness”.  The first is an inner strength of character that can accept the abuse by others with a calmness.  The second is a graciousness larger than one single life.  Both are supernatural Christlike qualities demonstrated by our Savior Himself.

Those who are critical of leaders in ministry are far more bold when hiding, talking behind the backs of those whom they oppose or talking to others instead of directly to you.  Gossip and slander and secrecy are the methods of the wicked.  Paul deals properly with them and chooses to face them directly.

He gives them a chance to repent.  In his letter known to us as 2 Corinthians, he begs them to change so that when he does arrive in person he will not have to be “bold” toward them.  These evil apostates are courageous when Paul is absent but they will have to face an equally aggressive Apostle soon. 

Fair warning is given to those opponents.  Part of that warning is dispelling their assumptions that Paul’s best defense is based on weapons of the world.  These would be rhetoric, credentials, pedigree, position, title and the like.  But, these weapons are weak against the power that the Apostle would bring.

It is the power of God that Paul claims.  The weapons of the world do not simply lose against divine strength, they are obliterated.  Even the thinking of man is captured by the divine.

When we are on Christ’s side we do not simply win.  The wicked even turn in obedience to the very Christ that Paul represents.  Whatever stronghold is depended upon by his enemies, those will be overwhelmed.

A battle over what is right will not be pleasant. Righteousness will rule.  Paul will be vindicated.  What was wrong will be punished, the disobedient will be corrected and obedience will rule the day.  God’s side is always the righteous choice.

2 corinthians 10.1-6