The garage doors was slowly rising.  Our electric opener was doing its routine well.  The long screw was winding its way down the shaft and it was lifting the door aided by tension springs and cables.

Patiently I waited to watch the neighborhood appear before my eyes.  It is a beautiful curved street lined with well-kept homes.  Neighbors walked the streets, sleepy owners were out letting their dogs lead them down the road and children on bicycles gleefully rode their bicycles from house to house.

That tranquil suburban serene moment was disrupted by a movement caught by my peripheral vision.  Alert and processing, my mind tried to assess all that was happening off to my side.  Unexpectantly, a creature from a different setting, at a far away location but certainly nothing in my new home prepared me for this.

A lizard was scurrying down my garage wall.  It wasn’t moving slowly but was tearing down my sheet rock and slipped under the rising door.  Out into the wilds of our front yard it found refuge among the bushes of our landscape.

It was exciting to see some unusual wildlife in our new home.  Nothing prepared me to see it.  The novelty made for some fun.

My bride had her encounter with one of these reptiles too.  This time it was on the wall in our living room.  It scampered away when she chased after it.  What an adventure!

The other night I turned on our outside light to our front porch.  It lit up the glass window over our front door.  There capture in silhouette on the outside of the glass was a lizard.

Maybe it was the light that startled it.  Maybe it was the feeling of being watched by a human.  It is possible that the flash from my cellphone camera made it feel uncomfortable.

Slowly, it climbed the glass and moved out of sight.  I left the light on for the evening.  It would attract bugs.

When the bugs gathered around the light, surely our reptilian friend and his family could feast.   I wouldn’t miss the insects around our house.  The lizard could stay; gladly I welcomed the natural reducer of the bug population.

My Philippine hosts had lizards and geckos freely roam their homes as insect control units.   This reminded me of those days in the tropics.  At least that is one utility bill that I will not be receiving.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography