This date had been on my calendar ever since I moved to Houston three months ago.  It would be an initiation for my bride and me.  No, we are no strangers to fundraising events; but, this would be our first event for Dallas Theological Seminary-Houston.

We were jazzed!  The fancy digs of the River Oaks Country Club was spectacular.  It was not only upper scale in quality and decor but it is huge!

The service personnel were not just efficient and on-the-spot, there were tons of them.  We entered the banquet hall and the set up was exquisite!  There were places for hundreds of guests.

I have been a part of these events where our own team did the lion’s share of the work.  One very special Wyomingite and his company led the way with skill, panache and hospitality.  Volunteers and friends poured in boundless energy to bring to our guests a wonderful event to let them sense what God was doing in a ministry and give them a chance to contribute to the cause. 

Here we have a whole department of Advancement personnel who specialize in this kind of gala event.  They are very good at what they do.  No detail was left undone, no problem escalated into trouble and the program went off without a hitch, ending precisely on time.

The food looked fabulous.  That’s all I can say.  Since I was one of the speakers I was too focused on meeting people and concentrating on my presentation.  I even left the chocolate mousse untouched!

The program started and the speakers left us all spellbound.  How exciting to hear from our graduates about how God is using them to impact so many lives.  Their commitment to presenting the Word of God clear, precisely and accurately was repeated over and over. 

Our president had several parts in the program.  He gave an update on God’s blessings pouring out on Dallas Seminary.  Then, the achievements of the Lord through this amazing seminary rolled out on his presentation that reminded all of us that the Almighty is working through the DTS grads all over the world.

I had a chance to share toward the end.  7 minutes was my alloted time.  Into those few moments I shared the vision of DTS-Houston: We are asking God to do something so big and so great through DTS-Houston that no one person or group of people can take credit for it.  Instead, all will say, “This is something that only God can do!”

photo credit: brucefong photography