Soon one of our California friends was coming into town for a business trip.  We had excitedly made arrangements to take him to dinner.  But, we are still new to Houston and I wasn’t sure where we should take him.

Puzzling over that dilemma, I had it on the back burner of my mind.  A new local friend wanted to introduce me to his pastor.  I agreed to meet them both at a restaurant that he assured me would be a repeated location for my meals.

The eatery is not far from my office.   In 15 minutes I pulled into the parking lot never having to use the tollways.  Tokyo One is the restaurant located off Beltway 8 and Westheimer.

Three hungry men still couldn’t put a dent in the generous fare.  Japanese and Fusion food was amazingly presented, unforgettably delicious and served by a wait staff that was cheerful and eager to serve.  I wanted to bring our California friend to this place.

When we picked up our guest at his hotel, it was a mere five minutes away from Tokyo One.  We arrived at 5.15PM and had no problem being seated without a reservation.  Smiling broadly, I ushered my wife and guest to the buffet bar.

Their eyes were wild with the amazing fare.  Each one piled their dishes high was fresh and tasty treats.  We were enjoying the meal along with great fellowship.

If the delicious options on the buffet table were not enough, the staff asked if we would like to have our individual lobsters.  Yes, they were included in the buffet.  Surprised but looking for a good time, we heartily agreed.

Soon, he returned with three lobsters for us to enjoy.  These seafood delicacies added to the our table celebration and made us laugh with anticipation.  They were delicious!

Again our staff returned and asked if we would like a bowl of their specialty soup.  Wow!  Of course we would love to have that served to us.  It was amazing.

The owner of the restaurant stopped in for a visit.  He asked if there was anything else he could do for us.  Before we could say no, he offered to personally make a specialty sushi roll for us.  Sure!

He returned with a wonderful looking roll that was fabulous.  We thanked him, complimented him and assured him that we would return.  What a delicious Houston discovery.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography