Our Saturday was full.  Time slipped by quickly just as it always does when you have plenty on your plate.  We wondered if we had planned too much.

Still ahead was an evening out.  We had accepted an invitation to attend a concert.  It was linked to a ministry introduction that our friend was serving on their Board. 

This concert was a bit of a distance from our home.  We checked out the map programs online.  That’s when we knew that we had to allow for an hour to arrive at our destination on time. 

Thankfully we arrived with plenty of time to stroll the grounds of the Lanier estate.  The evening was beautiful, temperatures were inviting and waterscapes made for a tranquil and serene setting. It was the perfect prescription for two very busy lives on a busy day.

Inside the Stone Chapel, we sensed the presence of history.  It was designed after an ancient church.  Stone, paintings, architecture and Greek Scripture on the walls transported us into the distant past.

Acoustics were lively in that place.  Even subdued conversation was easily broadcast throughout the facility.  An atmosphere of quietness shrouded the interior of this gorgeous venue.

The  talent for the evening took her seat at the piano.  Even though the acoustics in the building were amazing, the piano was equipped with two microphones.  “Someone must really know what they are doing to do that,” I thought.

Next, she played an introduction.  The keys responded to her fingers and the music in her soul.  Like a powerful fragrance, the sounds filled the chapel with sweetness. 

She added her experienced highly trained voice to the accompaniment of her excellent piano skills.  The music in this fabulous place was crystal clear, full and rich.  Even the slightest crescendo or modulation were clearly heard.

Next, the director of the Gracewood ministry spoke.  She told us about their mission to provide housing and encouragement to single mothers and their children.  Like a good spokesperson, she gave us the stats, described their vision and told us stories of successes.

Then, she shared her deep painful story of her own divorce.  Suddenly all that she had heard from others was now her experience.  Those in the ministry surrounded her with the love and understanding that she was so generous to give to others.  My bride and I were touched, stunned during this Saturday evening.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography