I never knew about them while they stayed in the trees.  But, an inevitable moment in the parade of the seasons came with a loud “bang!” on the roof of my truck.  It is startling to be surprised by this unexpected very loud noise.

Suddenly all of those things on my mind disappeared.  Complicated and multi-layered issues stopped.  Major decisions impacting the lives of other people were on hold.

“What was that?” I asked quietly while I froze, wondering, “Is something happening?  What caused that noise?”  Silence was followed by another repetition of that “bang!” 

That’s when I laughed.  I saw the culprit.  It bounced off my roof, rolled down my windshield and cracked off my hood and hit the ground. 

It was an acorn!  I looked up into the oak tree growing in our front yard.  That’s when I saw the limbs laden with other bombs ready to rain down on my pick-up truck.

I backed out of my driveway.  After I threw my truck in the “drive”, I looked at my driveway that was littered with scores of acorns and more were dropping by the second.  To me it was funny how something so tiny could make such a loud sound on the steel shell of my faithful rig.

On my way to work, I revisited the thoughts that occupied my morning hours.  Miles later, I rolled into the parking lot of our campus.  Backing into my spot, the distinctive sound of “crunch” “pop” “crush” followed the movement of my wheels into that parking slot.

Outside the parking lot was speckled with a deposit of acorns.  Several lay crushed under the weight of my wheels.  A few fell while I was gathering my possessions from my truck.

I stepped on one of those little potential oak tree.  It crunched  under my foot.  That’s when I leaped aside, almost as if I stepped on someone’s toe.

Chuckling, I thought how silly it is to worry about an acorn.  Locking up my rig I walked brightly to my office, smiling at my adventure with those cute little seed pods.  That’s when the oak tree had the last laugh.

Unexpectantly, an acorn released from the oak tree overhead.  It was a direct hit.  I looked up with a grin, “Nice shot, girl!”

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography