How can anyone who is new to a huge city ever get up to speed on where to live and call it home?Amazingly, we are in a house and happily call it home.  Every day we find ourselves extremely grateful for our house and where we live.  It is in a beautiful neighborhood.

Neighbors are venturing out of their air-conditioned home more these days.  Temperatures have dropped to the mid 80’s to low 90’s so by the evening we peer out our windows, count the West Nile mosquitos and take a chance to visit with each other.  Our neighbors are amazing.

Smiles are generous around here.  They are real signs of welcome.  When they find out that we are new, they offer help, time or contact information. 

Our garage door jumped out of its track and the cable tangled the roll up bar.  It was jammed.  But, my neighbors came over after seeing me struggle. 

Together we were able to muscle the door closed.  They told us about a similar problem that they had and recommended a company to fix it.  Now, the problem is resolved.  What good neighbors!

Most mornings when I’m out for  some fresh air, neighbors are walking their dogs.  We wave, greet each other and the dogs even smile.  One of my neighbors even complemented me on our lawn and said that they want theirs to be as good-looking as ours.  That is a first from any neighborhood that we have called home.

The association takes very good care of the landscape.  Workers are constantly tending to common areas.  Our neighbors are either hiring gardeners or busily doing it themselves.

Pride of ownership is a part of our neighborhood without it getting competitive.  It just looks great around here.  Now, that the summer heat has dissipated we are enjoying the life of warm sunshine as a welcome invigoration of our routine.

The name of our neighborhood is Cinco Ranch.  There is a sign that welcomes people into our maze of houses and easy streets.  One of our neighbors was walking his infant granddaughter, so we stopped to admire her and complement him.  He was popping buttons.

Joggers trotted by our slowing car.  Bicyclists pedaled on the side road.  Children chased each other and the family dog added its barking to their laughter.  Whether it was sights or sounds, it all spelled the same, “Welcome to our neighborhood.”

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography