It is possible to recognize bachelor food.  There are several key symptoms to identify that will strongly suggest that the food you are observing is man-food.  Nothing is guaranteed but at least these clues should help you accurately assess the cuisine that keep men being men.

First and foremost, any bachelor food has to be easy.  Long complicated intricate efforts are foreign to bachin’-it food.  Men want something quick and simple.

Second, bachelor food doesn’t have many pots, pans or dishes that need to be cleaned up.  One dish to heat, serve and clean up is a badge of honor for true man food.  KISS is key: Keep It Seriously Simple.

Third, this specialized cuisine utilizes the microwave for single glassware or a burner if one pan heats up the entire meal.  Single dish combinations meet this criteria just fine. 

Fourth, leftovers works well for a primary ingredient for bachelor food.  Usually, there is a dominant presence of protein.  But, that is accompanied with sauce or flavor-rich topping.

My “for instance” bachelor meal is pictured above.  It is composed of a boiled egg from the day before.  I did a little bit of fancy by slicing it in half.

Then, I added two slices of swiss cheese.  The flavor of good cheese on top of a hard-boiled egg, yum!  Finally, I added some specialized salsa.

A microwave minute and forty-five is all that’s needed to heat up the single dish meal.  This is breakfast at its finest.  Add a glass of water and the meal is done.

Clean-up is a cinch.  I simply rinse out the bowl, put those items in the dishwasher and wash down my meal with a final gulp of sparkling H2O.

One last item.  To qualify as man-food there is no recipe.  There are no cook books.

Also, there are no names for the dishes that are produced.  Instead, items are kept in mind by optional ingredients that can be combined if they are available.

Ingredients like fully cooked chicken wings, frozen tater tots, canned meats all work.  Once I made a bachelor meal by heating up chicken wings, tater tots and dousing it all with cream corn.  It was a memorable meal that is still a favorite memory for my youngest son.

There you have it.  Pass the word.  Reproduce the skill.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography