It is not secret that my aesthetic skills leave much to be desired.  Some where in my adolescence I remember the struggle to even understand what that term actually meant.  The subsequent understanding and discovery was a reason to celebrate but it was a bit hollow since I realized that it is a gift that I do no have.

When I am asked about color options or texture choices or combinations to make up a project, I am lost.  Most of the time I guess with confidence just to get the decision done.  Most of the time gifted people look at me cross-eyed and suggest another option to which I whole-heartedly agree.

This technique has saved my bacon on many occasions.  Still my bride asks me for my opinion on apparel, kitchen decorations or options for window coverings.  Arghh!

Over the years I have tried to pay attention when these moments arise.  Keeping cool under pressure is a survival priority in those moments.  Otherwise those who are good at what they do may stumble when they meet a man who doesn’t value what is precious in their sight.

But, the other day I slipped up.  My cool demeanor was lost and my dignity suffered a public meltdown.  I should have been more prepared but I was taken by surprise.

This horrific moment transpired in a department store.  Already, you have correctly assessed that I was not there looking at the latest in camouflage patterns for the varied Texas terrain.  Instead, I was driving my bride on a necessary shopping venture.

Dutifully, following her through the maze of clothing displays and apparel rounds, a vision was thrust against my face.  It was shocking.  The stunning eyewitness accounting made me catch my breath. 

Then, I did the unthinkable.  I laughed!  But, I didn’t just chuckle, I burst out laughing without much retention or decorum at all. 

By now I had the attention of several clerks who happened to be close by. They melted deeper into their departments when I whipped out my camera phone to snap a picture.  It was too late to pretend that I didn’t see anything. 

These mannequins  didn’t have  any heads.  In the past modern units had neutral faces.  Now, they no faces at all, not even a head to put a face on to it.

Instead, the neck of these clothing stands were formed into a pointed conical shape.  Yes, they were cone heads.  Maybe it’s not too weird; afterall, it is Halloween.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography