It is only October but the neighborhood pools are shutting down.  Our development has a number of water parks but only one remains open during this month of the Fall.  I have been told that it is too cold.

They may have a point.  I walked into our local pool and jumped into the chilly waters to confirm that rumor.  Before my teeth could start chattering, I started into my laps.

A quarter of a mile would do it for today.  Once I finished I would have just enough time to hit the showers, dress and be off to work.  Keeping my mind on my busy schedule would help me ward off any awareness of how coolish the water was.

The pool maintenance man was incredulous.  He  stopped his work and watched me enter the waters.  “It’s gotta be cold this time of year.”

There was a moment when I wanted to say something really clever and humorous in a complicated sort of way.  However, when I blurted out “Brrrr!” he just laughed and my moment for a comedic declaration was lost.  Now, all I could do was let him chuckle as he went about  his work.

At least I gave another human being a moment of levity in his day.  That’s worth it, right?  My sacrifice and loss for another’s benefit; isn’t that almost noble?

Around my last lap I had thoughts of digging out a wet suit.  That would surely keep me more comfortable while cruising up and down the lanes of this pool.  If anyone then asked if I was cold, I could bravely say “No” without shivering uncontrollably.

Soon November will be here.  That’s when this final swimming pool will be closed until next Spring.  What’s a swimmer to do? 

Cross training is fun.  I like to swim.  My mind reviews lists and projects and people. 

It’s a good time to pray for those that come to mind.  Of course my wife and kids are all prayed up.  So are special friends, colleagues and people who God brings to my attention for one reason or another. 

My body is tired, I exit the pool and all my prayers for the day are done.  I pause and laugh.  During my active exercise of mind and spirit I forgot that it was cold. 

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography