When it rains in Texas, it rains all at once.  It is a cloud burst.  You can see it coming, sometimes even sense it coming.

A massive clap of thunder signaled the storm.  I was preaching in church when it shook the building.  Providentially, it was a perfect spot to declare, “See, God agrees!” 

Before the storm passed over, however, we had another surprise. The lights went out.  Again, providentially, we lost power in the church between services.  Perfect!

But, then it was time to drive home.  The clouds were heavy with moisture.  I wondered if I would make it home without being caught in a torrential deluge.

Twenty minutes later my question was answered.  Massive drops of rain bombarded my windshield.  Visibility dropped to a matter of few yards.

Traffic on the freeway slowed to a crawl.  Thankfully, I made it to my off ramp safely.  But, the weather only made the last part of my commute challenging.

The outside lanes of our neighborhood turned into streams of water.  All of the traffic crowded into the center lanes.  Once in a while some driver risked getting ahead but regretted it.

A large pickup truck roared past the slowly moving line of vehicles.  It had nowhere to go but straight ahead.  A huge pool of water blocked its path; he plowed through it.

The waters parted under the wheels of that rig.  Massive rooster tail waves of water poured over the two cars next to the truck.  He had to slow down to a slow crawl and we all passed him.

I stopped for a necessary errand and was soaked in seconds when I jumped out of my vehicle.  But, I only laughed.  It’s just water.

On my way home the storm subsided.  People could return to normal speeds and activities.  The drainage caught up with the excesses.

It wasn’t long after the storm that we drove out for another errand.  In the middle of conversation we both looked to the West.  The tail end of the storm made a massive exit.

Dark skies lightened up.  Blue skies melted the clouds away.  Finally, the sun made its appearance at the end of the day.

Sunlight burst out from behind cumulus clouds.  Shades of light and shadows changed overhead.  It was spectacular.

Maybe in all of life’s trials, there really is a silver lining.  Hope springs eternal. Trouble is only temporary.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography