There is no question that I love the sunrise.  It is that moment of every new day that begins with the sun waking up and arousing we humans to get started.  We hustle off to work and pour our life and energy into our duties.

However, no matter how hard we labor and how many problems we solve, there is an end to each day.  We cannot stretch it out.  We can hurry or take short cuts or even postpone but we cannot lengthen our days.

Instead, God powerfully allows the rhythm of His creation to run its repetitive cycle.  As amazing and refreshing as every new day is, each day ends with a sunset.  There is something very restful about a sunset.

Our bodies are weary.  At least we feel the low levels of energy stores that are empty.  We have worked hard all day.

Now, the sun is beginning to dim.  Once bright illumination from our singular star is not glowing as brightly.  Our man-made clocks tell us that it is passed our time to go home. 

Traffic is characteristically slow.  Many are making their way slowly home.  As the miles roll slowly passed, our  freeway speeds increase.  Then, the show begins.

Not only has my office been closed up for the day.  Not only have I said good-bye to my team.  I have pointed the noses of my rig to the West and accelerated up to freeway speeds.

The horizon was a tribute to God’s reminder of a pattern He set in motion from the beginning of humankind.  We work six days and then rest on the seventh.  Also, we end each 24 hour day with a time for rest as well.

Off in the distance, the sky was turning luminescent.  Darkness was crowding our day.  The clouds that remained hid the sinking sun.

Silver linings decked the clouds that hung low in the clear Texas sky.  They magnified the remaining rays of the sun.  Sunset was in full swing.

There is a beauty as the glow of the final marks of this particular day comes to a conclusion.  It makes me smile to realize that another investment into my responsibilities has been deeply satisfying.  Both the feeling of having spent the day’s energy well is matched by the spectacular heavenly display, a celebration that the day was a success.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography