Whew! It’s finally done.  The 2012 presidential election is now history and for at least four more years we don’t have to struggle to find a way to breathe under the bombardment of political ads. 

I haven’t met a single soul who is missing those commercials.  But, there are so many who are relieved that it is over.  Nevertheless, that ugly blotch of Americana is replaced by another.

Maybe it is the freshness of the vitriol that makes this campaign appear to have been particularly nasty.  No doubt at the height of the posturing by both leading candidates would make a visitor from another planet wonder if these are the two worst human beings on the face of the earth.  Of course everyone believes that it was the other side that started the attacks.

Two representatives from the opposing sides were on a post-election television show.  One asked the other if he had any regret for taking the “low road” during the campaign.  His quick response was to remain in attack mode and charge the other with being the mean-spirited one at an even lower level than he had ever recalled.  My only thought, “Oh, brother.” 

What is also difficult is to hear the rhetoric that follows a particularly vicious campaign.  Suddenly, the language is gracious, positive and endearing.  Promises to reach out, unify and grow that nation is filling the airwaves.

A change in rhetoric doesn’t erase a far more powerful element of believability.  Isn’t trust based upon a consistency of truth?  Suspicion, slander and anger are not the expressions of truth, are they?

It is not a matter of disagreement over issues that can easily maintain variations of opinions.  America is great enough to be the home of multiple cultures, perspectives, lifestyles and even religions.  But, unity is not about vilifying those who are different from us. 

For me it is a matter of Biblical values that must remain at the forefront of my choices.  God’s choice of what are the important matters is what counts for me.  Issues of life, righteousness and eternity are uncompromisingly a part of my choices.  Government should not venture into redefining what God clearly has laid out for us.

I love my country best through my loyalty to the one and only true God.  My faith in Him who has given me life is without compromise.  His truth, His love and His values are what I teach, believe and follow without compromise. 

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography