The Autumn months are a favorite.  It is the time of year when everything gets started with new and fresh beginning.  Everything gets thrown into the Fall frenzy of action.

School begins, sports start-up, hunting season is on the calendar, Fall festivals abound, elections demand time, not-for-profit organizations have their banquets, Christmas programs are in full rehearsal mode and end-of-the-year events ramp up.  But, a favorite family time of the year is tucked away more and more during this crowded season.  It has historically been the busiest travel time of the year.

This holiday is big for families.  Traditional pilgrimages for relatives gathering around a feast happens many times over in this great nation.  Food is the focus but it is really an excuse to enjoy each others company.

Warm crackling fires welcome laughter, nostalgia and dreaming.  Catching up with busy relatives is the main course.  We marvel at those around us who are so talented and successful.

But, there are tearful times too.  We remember those who are no longer with us.  There is a void in those clan festivities that need to be filled up with new life, fresh memories and a special place for honor of those who have passed-on.

I will travel further for this holiday than for any other event in the year.  While my calendar is full, I will endeavor to keep these days free in order to make this trek.  Family is worth it.

Thanksgiving is this very special holiday.

There were years when we could not make that journey home.  Instead, due to distance and expense we turned our attention to gather others who were similarly displaced.  Most were students.

We collected them into our home.  There were no limitations.  In all of the years that we opened our doors we never turned anyone away.

God blessed those times too.  Many of those moments were miraculous since we often did not have the funds to put on a meal.  But, He was generous in many mysterious ways.

Sometimes a turkey would be provided.  Other times money was given anonymously.  Still other times amazing food additions were piled on to our feast for students.  Always it was with a lot of love.

This year we almost didn’t make plans to go home. Our schedules were crazy with my new position.  Flight schedules were expensive and complicated. 

But, like so many miraculous times before, details fell into place.  Our reservations are confirmed.  We are going to be with family for Thanksgiving and it is coming very soon!

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography