School is now in session.  Today we have a test.  Our subject for this class is spelling. 

Many of you have studied very hard for this exercise and I know that I will be very proud of you.  Do not be anxious.  Just relax and consider the word that I will ask you to spell. 

Don’t over-think yourselves or guess too quickly.  Some of the words may be obvious.  Other terms may be a little more difficult.

You are welcome to ask clarifying questions but they are limited.  You may ask for the word to be pronounced again, which I more than happy to do one additional time.  I will enunciate clearly for you.

Also, you may ask for the origin of the word. I will tell you the best answer from recognized sources in my possession.  But, the answer to the origination question is final and may not be disputed. 

One final help that you may request is for the word to be used in a sentence.  Again, this may only be asked one time so pay very careful attention if you request this helpful clue.  All of these sentences are pre-planned but there is only one usage sentence for each word in today’s spelling contest.

It is now time to begin.  Will everyone please put all materials away so that we can all be confident that our exercise today will be carried out with the greatest care and honestly engaged.  Very good, we are ready to begin.

Based on the earlier lottery, we begin with Kristin Bailey as our first contestant.  Young lady will you please come up to the stage?  Yes, now.  No, you may not bring Oscar with you.  Please leave him with your mother.  That’s it come on up.

Here is your word.  “sale”  Yes, I will repeat it one final time.  Your word is “sale”.  It’s origin is the North Pole.  Yes, in a sentence: “There was big “sale” downtown with all of the shoppers looking for a bargain on Black Friday.”

Now, please spell the word.  “S-A-L-E” No, I’m sorry that is NOT correct.  You are eliminated from the competition.  No, you don’t have an appeal.  No, you did spell the word incorrectly.

The word is spelled T-R-O-U-B-L-E.  Yes, I know it looks like the word S-A-L-E but it is not.  Your wrong so please take your seat.  Hey! Give me back my wallet!  You little crook!  What do you mean you’re going to a SALE!  Give me my credit card back.  Stop making TROUBLE!

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photo