Like all people who have lived or visited the Autumn woodlands of the north, trees turning color in October is a memorable treat.  When God turns on the palate of colors, He knows how to wave the brush of creation and put on a show.  And it is free of charge.

Maybe deep down inside I missed those Michigan Fall days.  The slow conversion of greenery to splendid splashes of orange, yellow and red are vividly etched  in my mind.  Further, the donning of a wool coat, knitted scarf and comfortable gloves mean that it is time to take a trip to the Cider Mill.

We chomp on a cinnamon doughnut, sip hot chocolate and settle in to storing apple cider for the months of cold weather that are inevitably a part of the season of Winter.  The fire-place gets used.  Snow throwers get a once over so that they are ready for the blast of blizzards.

But, those details are all in my past.  Now, I’m a Texan.  In Texas the leaves don’t put on a show for us. 

There was a hole in my being from those happy memories from the northern regions of the Great Lakes.  Maybe that’s why I burst out into smile.  In front of me in a massive variety store was the Christmas display.

Colorful decorations were sorted and piled high.  Every symbol of this special season was some where to be found.  Ribbons, candy canes, deer, snow men, nutcracker, globes, candles, stars and santas were in bountiful supply.

But, the Christmas tree display is what caught my attention.  They were lined up in their splendor, inviting shoppers to take them home for the holidays.  I chuckled at the variety.

No, it wasn’t that the trees were tall or short, wide or narrow, full or thin.  Rather, it was the color that caught my eye.  It was not quite the same as the natural Fall foliage of the deep woods of state between the Great Lakes.  But, for a brief moment they were at least a reminder of happy days gone by.

Yes, I finally acknowledged the green trees.  The pink one made me shake my head.  But, the orange tree grabbed my attention.  Blue and red and purple were stunning too. 

The merry in Christmas is easily fulfilled in this shopping display.  That special day to celebrate the birthday of our Savior in on its way.  Soon it will be Christmas!

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography