My bicycle route was now in the return mode.  I had passed the half-way point and turned my wheels toward home.  The steady turn brought me across four lanes of traffic during an ideal time when there were no vehicles any where in sight.

Then, my eyes caught an unusual sight.  The last time I rode this route, just a few days ago, did not have these landscape highlights.  My pedals stopped rotating.

I glided to a halt and smiled.  It was time to dismount and check out this sight.  A grin broke out on my countenance and thoughts of Fantasia played through my memory.

Dancing mushrooms to Asian music long live in my mind.  On the Disney silver screen that image highlights the surges of a classical musical and animated masterpiece.  Now, these wild mushrooms brought back those favored moments.

The shape of these little guys stood out on the lawns of my neighborhood.  While green grass spread out for thousands of square feet, a few fast growing mushroom are a striking contrast with their stunning bright white caps spread out.  Each one is textured with soft skins speckled with decorative brown spots.  Almost like a lightly barbequed marshmellow, these fungi make most people look who drive by.

The caps of these shrooms have come full spread.  Underneath, the gills have opened up and spores are being released.  Another generation of these fast growing, suddenly-appearing unique life-forms will appear in the future.   

These subjects for my cellphone camera were cooperative.  They did not move nor did  they wave or flutter in the morning breeze.  But, they live very low to the ground.

Modestly, they hold their skirts low on the lawn.  Nothing underneath these mushrooms was visible to my lens.  I took as low a posture as was physically possible but there was no new perspective to be gained.

I stowed my camera  and mounted my bicycle.  Pushing off and gaining ground toward home, my memories remained fresh.  There is something special about the world of God’s creation around us.

He is the Master creator.  There is variety in His design.  Beauty in the greenery of man-manicured lanscape bends to the emerging of fungi, carried by the windborne spores. 

It is a domesticated world in the suburbs.  But, a twinge of wild unscripted growth still finds its way into  the neighborhood.  Gentle, cute, fun are words that surround these tiny forms of life.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography