The Apostle Paul was facing severe criticism.  It came in the form of comparison between his apostleship and the popularity of  the super-apostles.  There is something dastardly about expressing our preferences which is little more than our self-indulgence on ourselves and the over-estimation of our value on our own opinions.

One of the criticisms leveled against Paul was that he did not ask for or send an invoice to the Corinthian believers for his services in ministry.  He never asked for a fee and others took advantage of that by not paying him or paying him poorly.  That modesty on Paul’s part was not a sin but a humble act of generosity on his part for the benefit of those who gained from his service.

In the greater economy of  the body of Christ, others will pick up where these tight wads had dropped the ball.  Good churches exist who understand the bigger picture and support the lives of those who serve so that  others in the Kingdom can grow through their ministry

Paul just did not want his personal needs to be a distraction to the Corinthians. Instead, he did with less and never wanted to be a bother.  The teaching of truth was paramount, not his personal comfort.

This selfless expression to believers who did not give generously, was an expression of love.  Those who represent God on earth have only one motivation and that is the highest form of selfless love for those they serve.  False self-imagined leaders are not about love but only about their own overestimate of their own opinion.

As odd as it is there are false teachers who fleece believers and unbelievers alike in order to obtain selfish gain.  Duping people is a gratifying experience for them.  Satan Himself is a one who disguises himself with apparent good and love but is evil and wicked.

Any humans who attempt personal gain as an imitation minister deserve God’s judgment.  Righteousness is a valuable pursuit when the matters of eternity at stake.  But, God knows the actual score and will judge all according to what is true.

Popularity is not the final test of what is valid.  In my city of Houston we have some massive churches with tens of thousands who gather in their facilities each week.  Popularity is certainly NOT the litmus test of truth here among some of the largest churches in the country.  Jesus and He alone is.

2 corinthians 11.7-15