IMG_1238Tis the season, alright!  It’s one of those anticipations that energize the soul.  Looking forward to Christmas is the best time of the year!

We waited as long as we could.  Usually, we wait until after Thanksgiving before we do anything Christmas-like.  But, moving to a new home, getting situated in a new state, making new friends, exploring everything new, we just couldn’t wait. 

On one of our four-hour drives to Dallas we loaded up our sound system with Christmas music.  It is so familiar.  Both the artists and the music rang familiar chords in both of our minds.

Yet, it’s like comfort food, right?  When you are feeling bit detached, maybe cold is coming on or you feel a little run-down, your favorite soup hits the right spot.  Or maybe a familiar sandwich with all of the quirks just the way you like it brings that deep down feeling of security and safety.

Christmas is like comfort food but in a seasonal sense.  You wrap you hands around a stocking that is filled with memories.  Or you unwrap a delicate tree ornament that marked a historic time in your life.

There are pictures to be hung from Christmases past.  Smiles, youth, goofy moments fill your memory with details that time tries to fade.  You relive the moments again and feel warm inside.

Variety marks our Christmas decorations.  We don’t do the big stuff.  Outside lights were an adventure when our kids were small.

They followed me when we first constructed our moving reindeer.  One of the kids plugged it in and it was wonderful!  The head turned from side to side.

Just  for a unique effect I switched out the  nose light from a white light to a red one.  We all chuckled at our very own Rudolph.  He became our featured piece with our outdoor decorations.

I built a platform so that we could mount him on our roof.  He stood and easily captured our attention whenever we drove up to our home from an evening out.  It was a smile-creator for sure.

Now, the children are all grown and live in their own homes in cities far away.  Quietly my bride and I pull out simple items from Christmases long ago.  There’s not a lot that is flashy.

But, every piece is wonderfully brightly stimulating with memories and good times.  This season commemorating Jesus’ birthday, is like wonderful comfort food for the soul.  It is amazing getting ready for Christmas!

photo credit: brucefong photography