There is no doubt about it, San Francisco is a beautiful city.  The hustle and bustle of the nearly 800,000 residents pour into the streets, heading for work.  Another massive movement from around Bay Area crowd the already busy streets with their cars, trucks and public commute on BART, city buses and ferries.

The crowds give personality to this megalopolis.  They build the buildings, post the marketing ads and erect the monuments to art.  An excitement is here every day of the week.

But, there is view that only a few have the privilege to enjoy.  It is the view of the city from the water.  Some times it is the tourist on a boat ride who can get this unique perspective.

For me I took it all in from a party boat heading out into the Pacific Ocean for a day of fishing and crabbing.  Most on the boat were napping, conversing with friends or getting the gear ready for the deep-sea harvest.

I stood on the aft deck leaning against the rail and taking in the sights.  The San Francisco skyline at the dawn of a new day is spectacular.  No, I don’t marvel at the architects, instead, for me I wonder at the many friends that I have who work in the city.  They are very special people to me.

From a distance I can spot certain areas of town that employ a number of my friends.  They were just waking up as our fishing boat motored past the city by the  Bay.  Nevertheless, I whispered a prayer to the Almighty to bless them.  Drive-by prayer really does work.

A large shadow overtook our vessel en route to the Farallon Islands.  I looked up and it was the Golden Gate Bridge.  We were fast approaching this gateway to the West.  The twin towers stood rock solid against the load bearing weight of commuters. 

Engineers had built in extra strength not only against the physics of expanse but the sheer force of Creation’s power in the weather: wind, salt water, rain and the occasional earthquake.  Triangles are all over the design of this bridge.  It is a modern wonder and stands as a testimony of God’s image inside of all who built this fabulous structure.

From the underside the design was aesthetically limited but sound.  My geometry classes helped me see why it was constructed this way.  It simply added to wonder of this amazing city.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography