While I am gainfully employed I am very well aware of the tough economic times that our nation is in.  Most likely we will see worse times ahead long before our national fiscal health gets better.  Spending is the primary culprit, buying habits have to change when the revenue is not being generated.

This Christmas season gift-shopping will have to be adjusted accordingly.  We have made our list and checked it twice.  The budget is much smaller.

There was a time when it was fun spending for family and friends.  Those days are years-old.  Now, we have to measure what we will do, find cheaper ways to do it and hope that everyone will understand.

In just about every instance I put any extras back on the shelves instead of tossing them into my basket.  Before I chose an item that I was about to select, I did some serious price comparisons with competitive brands.  Which one did I choose?  The cheaper brand won out every time.  Weird!

However, while what we buy with currency is being seriously curtailed, there is something about this season that will not be abbreviated.  During this Thanksgiving season and Christmas celebration, a dominant feature will never be lessened.  It was always there hidden among the gifts, decorations and activities.

This Christmas season will have the full measure of LOVE generously distributed to our family and friends.  No matter how tough our national economy becomes, we will never be forced to give up on this offering.  Instead, we can no only continue to distribute this priceless commodity at will, we can even increase it. 

It’s all a matter of knowing the distributor.  Once you are in good with the source of LOVE, He will ALWAYS give you as much as you request to give away to others.  There is never a shortage.

For some we can share a greeting of appreciation when there are no resources to reward financially, a word of encouragement during tough times, a smile during dark days, a listening ear for those who are lonely, your presence for someone who is missing a loved one or favor when no else is there to help.  These are priceless gifts, sorely needed in a time when so many are hurting, crushed by circumstances or broken due to tragedy.  With less money to give, we can refocus on giving the priceless gift of LOVE that will ALWAYS lift someone’s spirit.