IMG_1274Time for a party!  Yes, it’s Christmas and our team has worked hard all year.  More importantly, our faith has its focus on the reason for the season. 

We are all invested in theological education.  Our team prepares people who are answering the call to Christian ministry.  Something in common that is rarely known is how committed we are to our duties.

I know that because of how many have intentionally turned down much better professional options in order to be here.  To me that is humbling to be colleagues with such selfless and self-sacrificing people.  Some have agreed to work here for a fraction of the salary that they could be making else where.

They don’t whine.  There is no complaining.  Instead, they show up early for  work, stay late and keep on working when they get home. 

If duties call for services that intrude on their personal time, they show up.  When, someone else needs extra help they are there.  May their tribe increase.

There is so little self-concern for their own recognition.  They don’t brag about their credentials, accomplishments or IMG_1267IMG_1270IMG_1265IMG_1269IMG_1266IMG_1268worry about promotions.  Instead, they simply work hard, smile while they do it and praise God for the privilege of being on the team.

IMG_1273So, for an evening we set work aside.  There is little “business” that is the topic  of conversation.  Instead, we laugh, talk, tease, embrace the children and of course enjoy the food.

I love this team.  They make coming to work a joy. Celebrating with them is a treat.  Merry Christmas!

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography