IMG_1246What happens when you take men whose lives are incredibly busy, give them a passion for a country a long ways away and tell them that they will get no earthly reward for their investment of time, energy and soul?  Oh, also bring them in from Michigan, North Carolina, Florida and Texas for regular meetings through the year?  Of course, tell them to take personal time from their jam-packed lives, travel half way around the world into a country that is fraught with challenges and exhausting schedules. 

This picture is a collection of guys just like that.  For the record, I love being with them.  We share a great passion for God’s eternal work in the country of Cambodia. 

We are the Christian Services International, Inc.  Together as a board of directors we strategize efforts to evangelize and disciple followers of Christ in this beautiful country.  Each of us believes that God has directed us to turn our attention to this nation and serve as a catalyst for evangelism and discipleship.

Rest assured, we are not into ruining cultures or pursuing imperialist endeavors.  We don’t think that highly of ourselves nor do we believe that God’s mandate is to do anything that is even close to that kind of activity.  Instead, it is just the opposite; we believe that God has commissioned us to honor the culture we enter but to contextualize the eternal truth of who Jesus Christ is and what He has done for the whole world.

Each of us has been to this distant country.  We have forged friendships and listened carefully to their needs and helped where we could.  Even more importantly, we have networked other organizations and individuals to lend their expertise when a corresponding need has been discovered.

My memories of teaching session after session until my voice virtually gave out will always be fresh.  It wasn’t because they worked me so hard. Rather, it was because the pastors that I taught were so hungry, that they wanted more and more. 

I could see the joy in their eyes when I explained Scripture to them.  They ate up each lesson as if they were being fed at a banquet.  Their minds and souls were twirling like a parched land being drenched with a bountiful rain.

Yes, we all love Cambodia and the people of that storied land.  We pray for God’s blessing on them.  Then, we find people like you, share our story and encourage you to go too.

photo credit: brucefong photography