Family Christmas 2008 065 - CopyOur Christmas celebrations are always highlighted by little lives that give us a kind of joy that we count on each year.  They are the furry bunch in the Fong family.  During this season of celebration these little guys give our Family times a kind of warmth that is immeasurable.

They are Lhasa Apsos.  For our family that was a tradition that began when our children were tiny little guys themselves.  His name was Dusty and filled their childhood with love, laughter and plenty of adventures.

His silky fur soaked up tears, enjoyed hours of stroking and taught them how to take care of a family pet with plenty of baths.  His ears heard many stories and fussing.  That wet nose nuzzled many hurt feelings.

At Christmas he never knew what  the celebration was all about but he knew that the family was together and having a great time.  Our squeals and boisterous conversation must have made him curious.  Of course he was decorated with leftover bows, ribbons and wrapping paper.

Now, we have Oscar and Cooper to entertain us.  Their personalities are immeasurably unique.  Oscar is finicky and fussy.  

This Lhasa picks his times for fun.  No one can convince him easily.  But, if you ignore him long enough he will come and wiggle his way under your arm for a snuggle.

It is nearly prophetic and certainly comical when you stare down at this “too cute” face.  The warmth of a Lhasa hug is a gift of life.  His closeness makes his lovable spirit wonderfully inviting.

Cooper is a feisty active little guy.  He is an alarmist and barks at everyone who has not been a recent contact, recent as in the last 20 minutes.  If anyone is absent for that length of time, then you are strangers once again.

The ignoring routine works well with him.  He will run up to you and growl but just don’t react.  Keep on talking with someone or watching TV and eventually he may climb up on the sofa and look at you with massive suspicion. 

At Christmas he gets his bows and treats too. He barks and announces imaginary dangers.  We keep on celebrating and let his calls of alarm add to the joyous noise.  It is a Fong Family Christmas with family at the heart and center, including our canine cuties.

photo credit: brucefong photography