Through Facebook I noticed a flurry of conversations among my five children.  They were doing their normal bantering, which was as usual full of language that was elusive to me.  One time,however, I caught on to a conversation about Pinkberry. 

At first I thought that they were talking about a store for girl clothes.  Afterall, my two daughters were dominating the conversation on this topic.  Pink certainly seems to a girl matter more than it is anything else. 

Then, the guys would pipe into the cyber-blather.  They too seemed to not only know about this pink stuff, but they seemed like they shopped there too.  That made my face scrunch up, mouth to purse and eyes to squint in disbelief.

After several interchanges I noticed that this colorization matter popped up on occasion again.  Everyone seemed to like whatever it was.  There were even plans to make it a destination.

Finally, out of sheer curiosity, I asked my bride what in the world is this Pinkberry.  She nonchalantly interjected, “It has something to do with frozen yogurt.”  Shazaam, now my kids were into off-the-wall health foods.

“No,” my bride explained, “it’s like a dessert shop, something like ice cream only healthy.”  Hmmm, I began to get more curious.  Afterall, a healthy dessert could be a good thing.

Months have transpired since those original forays into the world of 20’s and 30’s.  After a dinner out, we were taking a stroll in a nearby city strip mall.  Suddenly, in bright lights and pink lettering, Pinkberry, was right in front of us.  It was  a God thing!

Inside the store we got acclimated.  The cheerful menu with accompanying pictures looked very inviting.  We made our choices.

At the register the young man asked if we were a part of the Pinkberry on-line frequent buyers club.  Puzzled, I just responded that this was our very first time into this establishment.  His smile broadened.

Please take one of these cards and we will keep track of your purchases.  When your card is filled we will give you a free order.  “How much dies it cost?” I inquired with great suspicion.”  “There’s no cost, sir.  It’s freed.”

Now, I am a Pinkberry fan.  Not only is it a healthier dessert, I am earning an eventual free one.  Yum at a very good price!

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography