TX Christmas 2012 001My email inbox was full.  Sorting out the correspondence that could be easily resolved was like using a sharp paring knife on a ripe Bartlett pear.  But, some of those items call for more attention and care.  Those time-invested items were a mixture of business items and surprises, good surprises. 

One surprise grabbed my attention.  It was an email from a longtime friend.  We have shared musings in theological education for years. 

He let me know that he was going to be in San Francisco for an Association gathering and wanted to know if we could grab breakfast.  That was common for us to hook up for some great fellowship when we found that our paths crossed.  I agreed and put the date down in my calendar.

He picked a restaurant not far from his hotel.  When I showed up, I was surprised that he had someone with him that I did not know.  Mark introduced his Academic Dean to me.  We enjoyed a great meal and fabulous fellowship. 

Then, I was asked to pray about an opportunity.  They wanted me to consider joining the leadership team of Dallas Seminary.  One of their extension sites was growing and was designated as their first campus extension.  

After some time and prayers were completed as well as long conversations, it was clear that God was leading this connection.  It was time to comply, say our farewells, give out our hugs and move to our new ministry and home in Houston, Texas.  This major transition in our lives was formed in this historic eatery in the city of San Francisco, the Sears Fine Food, a city institution since 1938. 

This meal changed our lives forever.  It has been a very good change.  No one likes to move.  Saying “Goodbye” to very good friends, family and people is heartbreaking.  Yet, the Lord’s grace and mercy go before us and we are adding to our friendship community some amazing people.

Change can happen over a simple meeting with an old friend.  Opportunity is worth a good long look.  If it transpires, then, step out in faith and treasure all the moments for God to bless your obedience to His leading no matter how outlandish the change might be.

Nothing in life is more satisfying than being right where God wants you to be.  He will take care of all the details.  He mercy endures forever.

photo credit: brucefong photography