A geode is such a fascinating phenomenon.  When rock hounds discover these remarkable rock formations, all of us mere mortals gawk in amazement.  The Creator has left many of these surprises around on His planet.

My geology knowledge is limited, “Wow, that’s amazing!”  Like a child fascinated with sparkling lights and amazing textures, I gazed at the purple crystals encased in stone.  On the outside, the geode was plain, unremarkable, some might even say ugly.

But, someone recognized that on the inside something splendid was waiting to shared.  Cut in half, this large stone was put on display for anyone to enjoy.  Lights brightly lit up the violet colors on this inside cavern of the formation.

Maybe the beauty of the inside was greatly enhanced by the plain jacket on the outside.  It is curiously almost reversed by human understanding.  Shouldn’t the appearance be seen rather than hidden?

It is hard, cold and heavy.  There is no way that it could be showing off itself.  Instead, humans had to discover a pattern.   Some time in the past, there was a geological phenomenon. 

In some cases hot gases, volcanic activity or molten stone bubbled up to the surface of the earth.  Bubble is a good word for this activity.  When some of these sedimentary or igneous formations cooled into hard stone, these bubbles stored the crystal formations inside camouflaged plain shrouds.

Once I drove my family to the high plains desert of Eastern Oregon.  We collected directions to head into the desolate hills of the heated hills far from human activity.  There we poked around, dug around and discovered geodes in their natural setting.

Like explorers risking comfort and squaring off with harsh environmental conditions, we gathered our stones in a bucket.  With permits in hand we returned to a rock hound station and chose carefully our own geodes.  Then, we paid for the proprietor to cut those stones for us.

There was no guarantee of what was inside.  Whatever happened would be a surprise or a great disappointment.  With a noticeable impatience we all waited for the slow-going diamond-studded stone saw slice its way through each of our chosen egg-like geodes.

None of us was disappointed.  Each of our children squealed with excitement.  The beauty of each was unique and amazing.  Hidden beauty waiting to be uncovered is a mystery of the Creator not just in stone but in every life that breathes.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography