IMG_1471Yup, that’s me.  Me and my cowboy hat in a major mall trying to find a comfortable spot to wait for my bride to finish her foray into the wonderful world of women shopping.  There’s not a lot for a guy to do here.

I can’t push a shopping cart.  That’s something that I do with gusto when we are out grocery shopping.  No matter how tight the aisles, I negotiate my way through tightest of corridors.

Nor can I find interesting things to look at like a hobby store.  There the unique, the clever or the novel can distract my attention for a long time.  At least in those specialty shops I can pretend to be interested for a length of time.

However, when it comes to a department store, I’m stuck.  Women’s fashions don’t leave me with a lot of options.  That’s when I look for a place to sit down, pull out my i-phone and entertain myself for a long time.

This time I scanned the department for a sitting place.  There were none.  I have been here before so I knew that pickings would be slim.

That’s when I was in for a surprise.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  It was a chase lounge!

At first I was suspicious.  Maybe this was part  of a display.  Interior decorators were taking a break and wanted this feature to be the center of their creative presentation.

Nevertheless, I boldly drew closer to examine the possibilities.  Nothing seemed to suggest that this lounge chair was for anything other than sitting.  Sitting was exactly what I wanted to do.  So, I  sat down.

Next, I kicked my legs up and leaned back to take full advantage of what a chase lounge affords.  I was relaxing.  The test came when several clerks walked by. 

These department store employees did not even give me a sideways glance.  They went about their activities.  So, I enjoyed my relaxation.

Yes, there were several customers who gave me a startled look.  However, out of sheer politeness they looked away once we made eye-contact.  Now, I was feeling self-conscious.

No, it wasn’t that women were surrounding me.  That was expected in a Women’s Clothing department.  Nor was it the surprising stares by women who were shopping.  That was somewhat unique since few things actually can distract a woman from her shopping.

I was in my cowboy gear.  My manliness was clear.  What was unusual and capturing attention was that I was lying on a chair lounge that was bright pink.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography