IMG_1599News of the Tsunami that devastated Thailand on Boxing Day 2004 reached around the world.  One of the worst recorded natural disasters had the good will of nations pouring out their aid and the people of the earth passing on their deepest sympathies to the grieving families.  Stories of tragedy, heroism and mercy filled the air waves for weeks.

From the hardships of this cataclysmic event emerged an incredible story of a family of five.  They were swept up in the horrific waves of the Tsunami.  In a matter of minutes, the five were separated and struggling to survive.

Terror and death surrounded them.  Each one narrowly missed fatal wounds from the massive amounts of racing debris, snags under the swift currents that would have sucked out their final breath mounted with each moment.  When you think that there was a reprieve, there was only more horror.

Another wave would mount its onslaught on the survivors.  More would be swept into eternity.  Children would be orphaned and parents would no longer see their children.

Disaster movies must be believable.  There are too many features in this genre that make a film corny or phony.  This was not either.

Here it wasn’t about heroics.  It was about blessing.  How incredulous would it be for a family of five to be hit by one of the most devastating giant waves with thousands dying around them, yet each one survived and then discovered each other?  Getting back together after the pain and trauma is the story.

Why them?  What should they consider about their good fortune?  Their lives could never be lived the same no matter how hard they tried.

Some things give life pause.  We need to consider our fortune.  Comparison to others is often unhealthy, meaningless or detrimental.  The story calls on all of us to count our blessings.

I wanted a hero.  To add one would have made this an action flick.  It was certainly not that.

Family devotion and loyalty was at the heart of this amazing story.  Resiliency against pain, impossibilities and hopelessness are at every turn in this stunning account.

Out of great loss there is wonder when a blessing can be counted.  Their story is one of those that can be counted.  There were enough tears and wailing that followed in the aftermath of this monster of a wave.

Prepare to be exhausted.  Start counting your blessings when it is done.  Wonder at the power of family.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography