IMG_1593It was a common day-off.  Our schedules corresponded for the same 24 hours of R&R.  The start was simply sleeping in with no alarms being set.

I was in the kitchen and cooked up a traditional family breakfast: corn beef hash with poached eggs.  The recipe is easy.  Making the dish with the right amount of crispy hash sprinkled on top of the serving is the trick.

Together we dined on this wonderful dish while taking in the morning news.  Pleasant conversation and not so patient political comments spiced up our morning.  Then, I finished up the dishes and made a mental check list of our day’s activities.

Then, we had our individual projects to occupy the earliest hours of our day. It felt great to knock those off one at a time.  Soon, my goals for the morning were completely met.

IMG_1594Now, it was time to head out for a drive and handle our together errands.  We discussed how we would dress, depending on the temperatures and weather conditions.  With a jacket on I stepped outside and shouted into the house with glee, “It’s gorgeous out here!”

During the afternoon, I drove from one objective to the next.  Sometimes we went into a shop together.  Other times, we were solo with our entries.

When I stayed and waited in the car, I drank in the warm sunny rays.  I pushed the open button to our sun roof and enjoyed the opening cover and welcomed the warmth of the sun into our car.  A smile beamed from my face when I realized that it was January and there was no reason to be wearing a jacket.

My seat reclined for a perfect view of the skies above.  Puffy clouds eased their way from one horizon to the next.  Blue


skies were the backdrop to these bearers of atmospheric moisture.

The blazing sun was cooled to a wonderful 71 degrees Fahrenheit.  My body relaxed in the warmth of our solar system’s only star.  It felt so good.

I remembered the many cold winters in places where I have lived in the past.  Here these was no need for a snow blower, no reason to carry traction devices in the vehicle, my down jackets were getting lonely in the closet, my snow boots, snow shoes and gloves were put away in storage.  Now, I just wallowed in the heat of God’s wonderfully created sun.  I am blessed.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography